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therapist ~

As a therapist, I work in collaboration with individuals who are struggling in various aspects of their lives and are desiring a life of self-acceptance, clarity, and alignment. As I continue to practice in this profession, my appreciation for the work grows with it. I am continuously grateful for the opportunity to be a part of someone’s journey through life’s hardships and challenges.

guide ~

Through mindfulness exercises, meditation, and somatic approaches, I guide individuals to help process their experiences and increase awareness to the present moment.

holder of space ~

Throughout my life, I have learned that I have been given the gift of curiosity and interest in the stories of others, and my counselling journey began when I turned that curiosity inward - exploring the story of myself. My own lived experience and awareness toward what it means to be a human in this world has allowed me to open myself up to others with empathy and compassion.


I identify as female and my pronouns are she/her. I am Filipino-Canadian, and as a person of colour (POC), it is my purpose to also create a place for individuals in this community to be fully seen and heard.

my mission

With me as part of your support system, it is my priority to create a space where you feel validated and heard. Using a holistic approach integrated with evidence and strength-based practices, it is my aim that safety and trust are at the base of our work, from beginning to end. During our time together, it is my hope for you that you discover your inner strength and a shift in perspective towards your experiences so that you are able to

live a life that is meaningful for you.


my approach

My intention as your counsellor is to walk alongside you during your healing journey. I work from a person-centred, trauma informed lens in which I am always aware of your boundaries and level of safety and trust in the therapy room.


I inform my work using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practices where I support you in targeting any distressing thoughts, feelings, or behaviours, and shifting your relationship with those experiences with the hope that you may come to a place of acceptance and live a life full of clarity and authenticity, as well as attachment theory where we explore the foundations of connection and how that shapes relationships with others.


Overall, I draw from mindfulness and somatic practices where we work together to increase your awareness to the present moment, without judgment to any accompanying sensations, using the wisdom of our bodies to ultimately add fulfillment and engagement throughout your life.

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